End Tyranny: Free the People

End Tyranny: Free the People

End Tyranny: Free the People

In this escalating global crisis, the time to be demure has passed. 

i’m tired of government everywhere waging war on their people. Enough is enough. 

Constantly inciting fear and rage keeps people divided, unfocused, and ready to violently act out. It breeds hate. Ongoing corporate and political thievery and deceit impoverishes our nation and increases debt, forcing people to struggle painfully just to survive. Arming the police force with high-powered rifles and machine guns, and heavy brainwashing to mistrust anyone who breathes, makes them able and ready pawns in a manufactured war. Corporate monopolies are the open stage for this play. The government has set us all against ourselves, while they blamelessly watch, distract, and collect the spoils.

This pipeline case could well be the critical turning point.

Government is hoping we’ll all be too distracted by the dramas of the political campaign. I suggest instead that we wake up, mobilize, and act.

Do “we the people” finally refuse to endorse or witness any further genocide, destruction, or tyranny at the hands of these megalomaniac psychopaths? The person writing at this moment sure does! i loudly decree “NO!”

Native people have always been stewards of the Earth. Quoting two Sioux brothers in a recent news flash from the pipeline site: “The environment is our religion, and we will protect it for everyone.” Once again, the Native people are the scapegoats – the “fall guys” for a potentially violent drama. Medicine people are and have been tormented for centuries. Long before the first people of this land, it was saints, sages and healers; then the so-called “witches” who were herbalists and healers like myself; then later the British and American Herbalists when the American Medical Association began. Tyrants don’t let anyone else win. And with their big mouths and big guns and big dogs and big money and multiple greedy, irresponsible corporations full of dishonest executives, they have no competition, and always seem to win.

Other countries kill their people publicly and outright, but some victims, like the first teen Nobel Prize Winner, Malala, live to tell and inspire. Malala was shot in the head by the Taliban while speaking up for girls’ education. Our “leaders” starve us, tax us, steal from us, pit us against each other, then hunt us down with SWAT teams, driving us to extreme madness, poverty, violence, and terror.

My body has been telling me “This is War” for some time now. i am not willing to sacrifice the future or the natural world to these evil mutant psychopaths. As i see footage of the bulldozers, dogs, and armed forces bearing down on our Native people, i KNOW in my soul i am right, and that we cannot let this deceitful war take place. We must care for our people, and our land, because no one but us can, or will.

i have a vision: that enough Americans can shift their focus to the profundity of this fight, and act on behalf of the people who are acting fully with their very lives. Could we mobilize to meet their needs over time, flooding them with supplies, support, love, prayers, and presence? Can we hold our attention on the urgency of the mission…resisting desecration and annihilation…until oppressors desist? Is there really such a thing as “liberty and justice for ALL”?

As caravans of supplies and healers leave our cities and towns for the Dakotas, i am encouraged, and filled with immense love for the human soul that steps forth to nurture and protect. And deep respect for a people who have been brutalized for centuries, and yet continue to return, forgive, and fight to reweave the sacred interconnectedness of all things, for all their relations.

Yolanda Pritam Hari   www.quietmind.com

On SUNDAY SEPT 11 between 4-6 pm, Quiet Mind Sanctuary in Fort Bragg will host a collection of herbal medicine supplies* and warm clothes** to be mailed to the front line next week. 347 Cypress St, off Rt 1 just north of highway 20. (you may also mail your package directly to Linda Black Elk PO Box 924 Mobridge SD 57601)

They need:

  • kitchen spices and herbal teas for stress, immunity, and injury 
  • non-alcohol tinctures (nervines, immune syrups, adaptogens)

**  “esp long skirts to wrap medicines in”