Big Pharma, The Devil, & The Holocaust?

Big Pharma, The Devil, & The Holocaust?

Big Pharma, The Devil, & The Holocaust?

In this times please remember, 

take time to care.

Only love will transfuse our shattered hearts.

When you sign a pact with the devil, you’re sure to lose.

He’ll say all the right things, and you’ll be convinced your life is at stake if you choose not to comply…while the prize he promises sounds perfect and simple and sweet…

According to the video series “The Truth About Cancer”, until the 19th century, all forms of natural medicine were taught and practiced worldwide. There were Medical Schools for Naturopathy, Chiropractic, Herbalism and more. But when Rockefeller and Carnegie came into power, they decided to standardize medicine to favor profit, which patenting pharmaceuticals would guarantee. Like any good business, they aimed to crush the competition, literally if needed, to win. When big pharma was given dominance by Rockefeller and Carnegie, homeopathy, naturopathy and all other natural medicine schools rapidly vanished. Initially they were forbidden to teach anything about natural medicine, and forced to pump patients with drugs in order to have jobs at all. Grants and funding were only given to those who agreed to play by the new rules. Within a few years, natural medicine institutions had all closed.

Then BIG PHARMA built a lab metropolis measuring 5 square miles in Auschwitch, using Jewish slaves…


made CHEMOTHERAPY from the same mustard gas they used to kill soldiers at war. 

Meanwhile no doctors would let their own families anywhere near it. Still, it quickly It became law for doctors to treat cancer with chemo, or lose their licenses and never practice medicine again.

But it’s a known fact that chemo and radiation drugs are highly carcinogenic, or cancer-causing. It appears they reduce the tumor size, but not cancer stem cells, so new cancers proliferate that are even worse!

It’s estimated that by 2020, oncology and chemotherapy – for profit – will be the largest single cause of cancer on the planet.”  *