HEALING: How To Help Ourselves

HEALING: How To Help Ourselves

HEALING: How To Help Ourselves

Quantum Evolutionary Healing (tm) reconnects you to hidden layers of yourself, and the regenerating powers within. To help you set the context for success, my tips and teachings are freely offered in my blogs.

Most physical pain is musculo-skeletal, with a potent emotional charge beneath. Dramatic healing always occurs once stored trauma and PTSD are released from our body tissue and alignment is restored. Realignment transforms far more than muscles, bones and nerves.

People seek healing for an infinite number of reasons, because at some point the pain and pressure become too much. There are no short cuts. Any healing path is an engaged process of rebalancing, not a quick fix that gets “done to” you. Focus and intention over time open the way for our reality to change…reflecting to us our own thoughts, behaviors, and words. We awaken new paradigms of conduct and lifestyle that foster authenticity and wholeness. We learn to ask for…and accept help. Just as we fertilize our garden to yield stronger plants, we give sustenance and nurturance to our bodies and souls.

My recipe is simple, and my conviction is deep. i’ve seen over 40 years what works best and how health and vitality are reconstructed day by day.

▪   Practice radical self-care. Nourish and balance your body to meet the stresses of your life. Don’t settle. Defy the lies and nay-sayers.

▪   LEARN TO BREATHE OUT. Most people chronically hold their breath. Long exhalations activate relaxation in the brain and nervous system. (this one tip could save so many lives…)

  •   Don’t struggle alone. Find a skilled, gentle professional who know the path. Get support to develop your life force and inner healing power – especially in times of personal crisis and relentless pain.

▪   Have patience. Transforming life’s wounding and traumas, and healing pain, takes some focused energy. People tend to panic and quit when their fears come up. Trust your chosen healer to guide you through. Don’t run! Complete the process and set yourself free.

▪     Believe in – commit to – and manifest – REGENERATION!

▪     There is no single magic bullet or three easy steps.

▪     Honor NATURE and include her in your food, medicine and life.

Yolanda Pritam Hari draws on four decades as a structure and movement specialist. Her tender touch with trauma and PTSD comes from 25 years of hands-on training with the nervous system, fascia and fluidity of the body’s inner web.  Her faith, tenacity and commitment were honed and sharpened through her own self-healing. A complex and  serious injury at age 20 left her frequently disabled and in agony for most of 25 years. Facing regular episodes of partial disability to this day, Yolanda leans heavily on her quantum methods, daily corrective exercise, and lifelong spiritual practice.

She’s developed her highly effective method of Quantum Evolutionary Healing (tm) over 25 years, sees private clients by appointment, and is now writing and teaching more.