Quantum Evolutionary Pathways (tm) at Quiet Mind reconnect you with hidden layers of yourself, and the self-regenerative powers you have within.

Physical pain often comes from something we could repair for ourselves: like the position and tone of our muscles, bones, and nerves. There is usually also a potent emotional charge. All of this is hidden within our body tissue and the fluids of our cells. Dramatic healing occurs once the body releases stored trauma and alignment is restored.

Realignment transforms far more than muscles, bones and nerves.

May these teachings flow and transform your life…

We seek healing for an infinite number of reasons, because at some point the pain and pressure become too much. But there are no short cuts. We must be ready to let the process unfold, as we are taken apart and reassembled for the grand plan. Any healing path we choose is an engaged process of recalibration, not a quick fix that gets “done”…

…It’s our focus on possibility that opens reality to change and flow…                          reflecting our waves of consciousness; thoughts, behaviors, and words. We awaken new paradigms through life-affirming intentions. We have trained as spiritual warriors. Now we are being asked to steady our minds and “hold the vibe”. Only light can overwhelm the weight of pestilence, war and disease. Just as we fertilize our garden to yield stronger plants, we give regular sustenance and nurturance to our bodies and souls. Then, the lotus blooms…

At Quiet Mind, we’ve had over 30 years learning and teaching clients how health and vitality are reconstructed day by day. This is the art of Regeneration and Conscious Self-Repair.                                It’s simple to begin:

▪   Practice radical self-care. Nourish and balance your body to meet the stresses of your life. Eat well, breathe well, rest well, get outside. Don’t settle. Obstacles may come. Defy the lies and nay-sayers.

▪   LEARN TO EXHALE. Most of us chronically hold our breath, and when we do remember, we suck air deeply in. But then what? Did you know that long exhalations activate (parasympathetic) relaxation in the brain and nerves???   (with high blood pressure, heart problems and chronic disease alone, this one tip could save many lives…)

  •   Don’t struggle alone. Find a skilled, gentle professional who knows the path. Or build a team to help strengthen your life force and accelerate self-healing. Especially in times of relentless crisis and pain, we need each other to heal and survive.

▪   Have patience. It can take some time and energy to transform life’s traumas and wounds, and flush out pain. Many people panic and quit when their fears come up. Make a real commitment to yourself, and trust your chosen healer(s) to guide you through. Don’t run! Complete the process and set yourself free.

▪     Believe in – meditate on – commit to – and manifest – REGENERATION!

▪     There is no single magic bullet or three easy steps. This is about a new relationship with yourself.

▪     Bring NATURE into your food, medicine and life.

Yolanda Pritam Hari developed Quantum Evolutionary Pathways (TM) over 40 years as a human structure, movement, and rehabilitation specialist, highly effective with chronic pain. She is Nationally Board Certified in Bodywork and Massage since 1992. Through Advanced Neuro-Muscular and Cranio-Sacral Therapies, she came to study cellular regeneration through the subtle inner body: the brain and its living consciousness, the neuro-myo-fascial fluids. As a Quantum Structural Yoga Therapist, Yolanda Pritam Hari transmits both spiritual connection and experiential anatomy to all who study with her. As a Certified Herbalist, she carries the blessings of the plants. Thus, the circuit of life is complete. Right relationship has been restored.

Yolanda sees private clients by appointment,  gives Quantum Evolutionary Healing (TM) workshops and talks, and is now writing and teaching more. She masterfully unites the science of pain with the quantum evolutionary art of self-repair.