Beyond Diagnosis: The Other Side of Healing

Beyond Diagnosis: The Other Side of Healing

Beyond Diagnosis: The Other Side of Healing

What if matter is not bound by diagnosis?

Yogis, Shamans and Mystics have always sharpened their intention and focus to modulate matter and upgrade their DNA. 
They regard these practices as important evolutionary skills, and consciously entrain with Nature and Creation daily in a
lifelong cosmic dance.

Modern medicine now acknowledges that “spontaneous remissions” occur with such frequency they are impossible to ignore. Research now shows that vibrational resonance, or “heart-brain coherence”, is strongly involved in dramatic biochemical shifts.  

We create heart-brain coherence with meditation, spiritual practice, true friendship, and breath. The more we serve as anchors of Light on the planet, the more resonant we become, and the brighter we shine.

The healthiest, happiest people i’ve known all seem to expect to thrive, and focus significant attention to build inner awareness, intuition, daily nurturance and self-care. High vitality, as well as “spontaneous remissions”, are more likely if we know, or even imagine, that we are innately wired to heal. 

Our bodies revel in our efforts, expectations, and belief in them by reawakening the DNA-encoded powers of REGENERATION hiding deep within. 

What if diagnosis could open us to grace and reconnection, and guide us how to heal?

Mystics and saints live in realms beyond time and space, on the edge of matter and spirit, afloat in the great mystery of the cosmic soup. Theirs is a uniquely different life perspective, guided by curiosity, passion and faith.
Perhaps we are all mystics deep inside, on the verge of self-discovery, and the cloak of our self-healing is near…
Perhaps recovering that pure living innocence and wonder we so love in children and saints is the perfect prescription for our times.

Yolanda Pritam Hari, NCBTMB, CMT, SYT

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