everyday herbal miracles: “YOU SAVED MY FINGER!”

everyday herbal miracles: “YOU SAVED MY FINGER!”

everyday herbal miracles: “YOU SAVED MY FINGER!”

In my kitchen time with women, many have taken a momentary wrong turn with a sharp knife, realizing it instantaneously as the table and vegetables beneath them turn vivid red. Accidents always happen in that mindless moment of scattered thoughts. Let me share some instances as teaching examples for us all, of what is possible with awareness and the plants.

A few weeks ago, my friend was scheduled to come over and help me pack to move. i texted to check in. She replied she’d almost cut her index finger to the bone, and not knowing when she meant, i called and offered to bring medicine over right away. She sighed and said that thanks to me, she’d used the Herbal First Aide Kit she made in my workshop; that no sooner did she think of me for guidance, than she’d packed the gash with Yarrow, and the bleeding stopped almost right away. She later added goldenseal powder, and i suggested St Johns Wort oil too, because…

…in my first year long program, my medicine partner S did the same thing. It was a hot summery June class in Marin County, and we were talking and garbling fresh St Johns Wort, which means cutting the flowers off the stems to make medicinal oil. Suddenly S yelped, and blood poured out onto the floor. We had one single flash of panic, then realized it was completely up to us. We thrust her bleeding finger into an open jar of fresh St Johns Wort Oil our teacher had given us all to try, and within 20 minutes or so, the plant quelled the bleeding and began to knit the wound. We dosed her finger repeatedly throughout the day, and by the evening when we all said goodbye, there was barely a mark there. We had 35 witnesses, probably half of whom already knew what our little golden sister St J could do. The remaining half of us shared an unforgettable miracle beyond the bounds of time and space.

Every healing is a miracle, only because we’ve forgotten our DNA is coded for adaptive self-repair. Remember, too, that we evolved with the plants, and they came long before us. They completely understand the tumultuous global cycles of life and death. They adapt, and evolve. May we bow to them to teach us, because now we really need to quantum evolve.

Accidents and traumas are shocking, and we may find ourselves ejected from our bodies, unable to think or act. Coming present in a flash, we have choices: freak out, check out, or remain steady…and then…? The urgency of knowing herbal first aide is upon us every day. This lost and natural knowledge is like an earthquake survival kit in the trunk of your car. You’d rather not think of it today, but then later on, what will you do?

HOW do we stop bleeding? Disinfect a cut or gash? Draw toxins and venom? Seal skin? Cool inflammation? Nourish? Rehabilitate? Sedate? WHY AND WHEN did we forget? On the whole, our culture is disconnected and clueless, and the media likes it that way; yet anyone who applies themselves can learn…something…and the cosmic tapestry is rewoven by each of us who grabs a thread.

Without health autonomy and self-sufficiency, we are sunk. NATURE HEALS. There, in Her perfect resonance, the quantum moment waits to meet us. Can we, will we, attune ourselves to this miracle in time?

Yolanda Pritam Hari developed Quantum Evolutionary Pathways (TM) over 40 years as a human structure, movement, and rehabilitation specialist, highly effective with chronic pain. She is Nationally Board Certified in Bodywork and Massage since 1992. Through Advanced Neuro-Muscular and Cranio-Sacral Therapies, she came to study cellular regeneration through the subtle inner body: the brain and its living consciousness, the neuro-myo-fascial fluids. As a Quantum

 Structural Yoga Therapist, Yolanda Pritam Hari transmits both spiritual connection and experiential anatomy to all who study with her. As a Certified Herbalist, she carries the blessings of the plants. Thus, the circuit of life is complete. Right relationship has been restored.

Yolanda sees private clients by appointment, gives Quantum Evolutionary Healing (TM) workshops and talks, and writes, teaches and mentors. She masterfully unites the science of pain with the quantum evolutionary art of self-repair.