Sacred Space, or Cyber Space???

Sacred Space, or Cyber Space???

Sacred Space, or Cyber Space???

Reflecting on the force of internet today, and all the radiation we’ve created and enthroned in the name of progress and success, i suddenly wondered for the first time in my life about this old familiar quote.

Not everyone is as sensitive to the numbing wavelengths of computers, phones, and buzzing electricity as i am; but i’m also not alone. Many of us with subtle awareness, and are acutely aware of constant assaults from manmade radiation, in the form of harmful “EMF’s” *. We are lightworkers, empaths, Yogis, and other highly sensitive beings. We are the last standing soldiers of healing who attune with natural rhythms and organize energy consciously, for the good of all.

How does our EMF sensitivity manifest?

Despite the wind this week, i feel trapped in heavy atmospheric pressure cinching tight invisible strings around me in the wireless web. This makes it hard for my ribcage to expand and take in breath. My stomach is tight. Ever since the 90’s, when i began having to do email and marketing and manage a website, technology has been a vacuous drain to my energy body and creativity. The more hours i give to that part of my business, the more my health and vitality fail. The first symptoms are headaches, stomach aches, and brain-dead lapses where i am unable to summon or complete a single thought.

Unarguably, i am the canary in the coal mine everywhere i go; yet one would think that like our miner forefathers, we might heed the warning signs when little birds fall dead. But no, the internet plunges rapidly forward, capturing and dragging our entire culture, to the invisible detriment of our life force. Now everyone has to become a self-made movie star in order to survive. People are afraid to put their devices away, ever.

Some of us simply do not automate well. We contain too much life force -pure prana shakti – to be drugged, dulled or tamed. Technology often backfires and malfunctions for us.

Prana shakti enters and cycles through us most easily in the cool, clear hours before dawn, which is why Yogis always get up at that time. We need to clear environmental toxins and static, and replenish our being. Early morning practices tone our nerves and immune systems, and recharge the electro-magnetic circuitry also known as our aura. To this highly charged energetic state we return to on a daily basis, not only to thrive, but just to survive.

So one question remains, as cancers, viral epidemics, and heart disease soar. If your life depended on it, which it actually does, where would you live: sacred space, or cyber space?

“Oh what a tangled web we weave…”

May our light untie the knots and set us free.

* EMF’s are electro-magnetic frequencies. Those emitted by technology oppose and desynchronize our natural rhythms, and have been scientifically proven to predispose the human body to degeneration, breakdown, and disease.