Heavy Metal Toxicity, Neurological Disorders, and Detox

Heavy Metal Toxicity, Neurological Disorders, and Detox

Heavy Metal Toxicity, Neurological Disorders, and Detox

Neurological disorders are on the increase, and people are suffering degenerative disease like never before. Yet the obvious causes go unrecognized and untreated, so the problem keeps getting worse. Heavy metals off-gas chemical toxins that damage the nervous system and the brain. Radiation from cell phones, microwaves, and electrical wires kills brain and nerve cells ands gut flora. Let’s shed some light on the unseen neurotoxins poisoning us. Then let’s talk about reversing the damage with conscious awareness, and attention to the process and practice of self-healing.

Toxins are the number one cause of disease today. Heavy metals are chemicals that cross the blood brain barrier and slowly poison brain function and nerve relay. Literally hundreds of these toxic chemicals are present in the environment, and we inhale them every day. Mercury and aluminum are the most prevalent, and when combined together, they may kill up to 70% of brain cells within a few hours. Smells go directly to the brain, which is why aromatherapy works so well. However, being saturated in a toxic environment quickly damages our nerve tissue and makes us sick. According to Dr Dietrich Klinghardt of the Sophia Health Institute, “Mercury amalgams are the perfect antennas for cell phone and microwave radiation. There is a synergistic effect between technology and mercury residue. As (brain and body) cells degenerate, they become growth mediums for microbes, and then our immune systems break down.” He also says that viruses, including Lyme, depend on heavy metals to carry them into the brain; and that we have no choice as a species but to take detoxification seriously now. Even fluorescent lights emit mercury gas. We must get these poisons out of our brains and body tissue, or our suffering and the fear that comes with it will never end. To best accomplish this, Dr Klinghardt suggests combining heavy metal detox with “agents that pull toxic metals out of the nervous system.”

This pulling process is called chelation, and here is a link to Dr Andrew Weil’s information about this: https://www.drweil.com/health-wellness/balanced-living/wellness-therapies/chelation-therapy/. Heavy metal toxicity causes common symptoms like headaches, brain fog, and digestive disorders. Mercury and aluminum also destroy our enzymes, so our body functions are slowly disabled and shut down. These are serious and often fatal issues that allopathy continues to dismiss.

So what can you do? LOTS! Chelation Therapy is direct and effective, as are Ion Cleanse Detoxifying Foot Baths, and you can even get your own Ion Cleanse machine to use at home. With my clients, i offer a series of Ion Cleanse Foot Baths as part of their treatment, using the machine from a Colorado company called A Major Difference (amajordifference.com). The company both sells and rents their machines for professional and home use, and i can guide you. Ion Cleanses are among the most effective methods of detox, and research shows that within three consecutive treatments lasting 30 minutes each, the body’s excretion of aluminum increases 600%. Having your own machine gives you freedom from making appointments. Detoxing and rebuilding your body is a process that takes time. A Major Difference Ion Cleanse machines far exceed any other brand on the market; and i love that the company is knowledgeable, cutting edge, and customer service oriented. My Ion Cleanse machine is close to 20 years old and still going strong.

Lifestyle changes are essential too. Go outside into Nature. Drink plentiful water; warm lemon water in the morning. Eat organic. Eat lots of fresh greens. Avoid all vaccines; they contain heavy metals as carrier agents. Be conscious that electromagnetic smog is dangerous, and like heavy metals, damages brain and body cells and blocks detoxification. Microwave radiation from cell phones, x-rays, chemotherapy, and microwave ovens is highly neurotoxic and immunotoxic, and inhibits all enzymes in the body, which adversely affects metabolism and detoxification. There are numerous tools on the market that neutralize EMF’s. Invest in protection, and take time off from your tech devices; it might save your life. Cilantro is a well known herbal chelator food, as are medicinal mushrooms, so adding these to your diet is a good idea. They bind to heavy metals and draw them out of the body.

The list of possible solutions is endless; these are just a few. Please take action. WHY be so sick all the time if we don’t have to? BE BRAVE. Let’s change our future right here and now!

Yolanda Pritam Hari, NBCTMB, SYT QEH
Quantum Evolutionary Pathways (TM)
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