KRIYAVATI: Spontaneous Yoga Awakening Within

KRIYAVATI: Spontaneous Yoga Awakening Within

KRIYAVATI: Spontaneous Yoga Awakening Within

“Why”, i used to ask myself, “do other people never imagine that their bodies can be amazing, vital, and strong? How can i show them that their limited thinking is not the Truth?” 

Kriyavati. i first heard this Sanskrit term back in the 90’s, in connection with Tri-Yoga Master Kali Ray’s initiation into Yoga.

“Kriyavati” is the spontaneous awakening of Yoga, and also refers to someone born expressing this knowledge and gift of Yoga.  Finally, in that moment i understood my inner visions and childhood predisposition to practice asana! Nobody ever taught me or mentioned the word. Only after 7 years of passionate, solitary, daily commitment –  which would have made me 17 by then –  did i hear the word “Yoga” for the first time.

Yoga” became the spark that set my life aflame, and the key to a mystical reality i could never resist! i had to find a teacher and a way to learn and teach this. Even as a toddler, i knew deep inside that humanity would be served by this thing was that my body was compelled to do, which later became “Yoga”.  i could never bear the suffering of others, which i felt acutely within myself, and from age 5 i looked for ways to help. At that sweet age, i would visit and entertain the aged and the sick. i just loved to see them laugh!  Meanwhile i followed my inner urges to explore the infinite potential of the human form. “Why”, i asked myself, “do other people never imagine that their bodies can be amazing, vital, and strong? How can i show them that their limited thinking is not the Truth?”  Born to famous ballet dancers, being the infant backstage in the violin case sleeping, then later standing in the wings at Lincoln Center, i came into adolescence and young adulthood infused in dance imagery and the remarkable capacity of the human body… for those who take the time and effort to sincerely train.

As much as i loved the majesty of ballet, i was a chunky child who was rejected by the company school…for having the wrong body type. That traumatic disappointment at age 7 was exactly the shock i needed to push my heart deeper toward the visions inside my body and soul. A nagging commitment to discover our infinite human potential burned inside me, and i remained convinced it must be available to me in some form beyond ballet.  Now i wanted “mastery” even more! 

In hindsight i was quite an unusual child, a hermit-introvert-scholar, probably through many lifetimes i suppose. Most of my life has been spent alone. Reading, writing, and studying always came naturally to me. Meanwhile i remained committed to this daily practice and vision that years later became “Yoga”. Through decades of grueling injuries and pain, i never turned away from practice…but held the intention that i could repair myself and start again. What i accomplished through my own self-healing has helped thousands of clients and friends out of their pain, and into their own brilliance, awareness and self-healing power. i am only the channel for this light.

Pain is a heavy load to bear, and living in pain absolutely and completely dulls our joy, our radiance, and our light. We as a people have been conditioned to count on degeneration, to resign ourselves and give up, to run from doctor to doctor looking for the cure, to take lethal experimental drugs, and to be cut apart. Is it any wonder the world has become a dark and hopeless place? Too many people have sold their souls to a system of devious lies! 

The true purpose of Yoga is to develop our quantum potential and support our natural gifts. Self-healing is our birthright. Our nervous systems are wired for self-repair. To realize this innate ability, both mentally and physically, is to “live ones purpose” and “dwell in ones higher self”. Through Yoga the nervous system is refined and tuned. We gain skills to rise above “just getting by”, and instead create radical vitality in dramatic quantum leaps. Our electro-magnetic vibration gets highly charged up, and our own consciousness sparks the fire!

YOGA awakens the Quantum Evolutionary Healing (TM) potential in our cells. Spontaneous unwinding, neurogenic  upgrades, and hormonal cascades become the norm, so we feel inspired and more alive. Aligning our bodies, hearts and intentions, the realm of miracles becomes self evident and completely real. Our presence sparkles, healing us and everything else around. Kriyavati brought this gift through me; however, the transmission comes to all of us with practice, guidance, and grace. Yoga is the awakening.

Yolanda Pritam Hari is a Quantum Evolutionary Healer, Master Bodyworker, and Earth Activist whose message is REGENERATION OVER DEGENERATION, THROUGH SOLELY NATURAL MEANS. State Licensed and Nationally Board Certified in Bodywork and Therapeutic Massage, she opened Quiet Mind Healing (TM)  in 1988.

Yolanda’s gifts in structural rehabilitation and SoulWork through The Body (TM)  express as Visionary Bodywork , Structural Yoga Therapy, and a plant-based lifestyle of natural medicines and foods. Radical vitality is the best cure for the modern sickness crisis. Let’s shift our focus and awareness to the real possibility for Quantum Evolutionary Healing ™ today!

Yolanda Pritam Hari