The Story of S: Choosing the Right Path

The Story of S: Choosing the Right Path

The Story of S: Choosing the Right Path


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S became a Quantum Evolutionary Healing ™ client of mine about four years ago, when  neck and back pain had tested her tolerance for too long, and were driving her mad. She knew my touch from the time we spent in plant medicine school, when to sample the herbal products we had made, we exchanged massage. S received such tremendous relief from her pain right there, and we both hoped we could continue to teach her body those skills. Then after we graduated, she called me, and scheduled monthly treatments to realign her spine and set her body straight. We focused on bodywork for her worn nerves, yet also covered Structural Yoga, herbal remedies, and life habits for healing and high vitality. Quantum Evolutionary Healing ™ is an integrated process and lifestyle. S began to practice Yoga Therapy on breaks during the day, using my you-tube channel, and got instant relief. Working with S was an exciting miracle every time.

Then, the year after we began bodywork together, S broke her upper left arm and tore her shoulder in a bad fall…needing reconstruction with pins. That was a long, hard year for us both, and i was (and still am) on her rehab team. She found physical therapy too aggressive and insensitive, became frustrated, and quit, in favor of bodywork and massage because we could access much greater movement with far less pain. S researched “frozen shoulder” that year, and certainly healed hers…

Then toward the end of last year, life pressures mounted, as they often do, and S was suddenly immobilized by severe pain in her right shoulder – “the other arm”. Her therapists  called it “frozen shoulder” and tried to exercise her through the immense pain, but S knew this approach had to be wrong. It hurt way too much, and then she felt worse! She recognized that the shoulder joint itself was not stuck, and the pain was in her muscles and fascia; so this was not in fact  “adhesive capsulitis, or frozen shoulder. She scheduled bodywork with me instead, and  returned to the Structural Yoga Therapy videos on youtube. We had an exciting appointment last time. Her doctors had been talking surgery, and here, this one single bodywork session freed up her arms and lifted a huge weight from her heart. 


Does this woman need surgery? Hardly! Most people actually don’t.

Quantum Evolutionary Healing (tm) goes where many doctors simply can’t. 

It’s the subtle details of “micro-alignment”, specific soft tissue release, and your growing connection with your body, that bring the best results.

We may imagine that surgery and drugs are quick and easy, but they are not. Our bodies know how to self-regulate and heal, given the right information, alignment, and support.

In Holistic Medicine, Bodywork, Massage, and Yoga have emerged as vital biosciences geared to strengthen our regenerative force.

Why suffer if there really is a way through…? 

High vitality is a radical act of rebellion in today’s world! 


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Yolanda Pritam Hari is a Master Bodyworker and human alignment specialist based in Mendocino County CA. State Licensed and Nationally Certified, she opened Quiet Mind in 1988, and has a long history of success with injury rehabilitation, trauma, and pain.

Also a Structural Yoga Therapist and Herbalist, Yolanda creates Quantum Evolutionary Healing ™ programs to help clients build deep body knowledge and self-healing power.

She is an intuitive visionary known for her gifted hands and soulful heart.