International Yoga Day is today, June 21.

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice, and the prior days also enjoyed the brilliant night-light

of the the Full Moon.

Cosmic juice is pouring everywhere. It’s YOGA WEEK in my book.  Let’s tune in!

As we began our practice yesterday, everyone asked “Why this Yoga Day?” Here follows a composite of what came then as my succinct reply.

YOGA is a timeless and soulful science that brings you to your full human potential, and touches the deepest longings in your heart. It is so much more than just fixing your hip or your back – those are gifts and side effects along the way!

Our spiritual practices have reached critical mass, and there are many living masters on the planet today. Imagine the massive quantity of meditative voltage available for transformation and manifestation – the instant we shift our focus toward a single point.  THIS IS YOGA.

“Unity Consciousness” … we are one mind and one heart beating as LIFE.

YOGA DAY calls forth all serious practitioners on the planet today who hold a seed of this blessed ancient science, and asks us to selflessly share that seed with the world – today – or all week – or in this life…that all may be infused in the experience of  YOGA, the forcefield of  YOGA, the instant transformative potency of  YOGA. 

In the absence of separation there is only LOVE. YOGA practices are about that. Let that Prana Shakti energy build and sizzle now.

YOGA is a Quantum Evolutionary Healing ™ practice of self-mastery, when respected and treated as such. Modern times dilute the depths of this evolutionary science to meet the market. Much benefit has been gained, and yet, much magic and connection lost. As society becomes increasingly more dehumanizing, automated, and diseased, we really have no choice but to pull out all the stops – and return to our roots. The Quantum Evolutionary ™ lifestyle science of  YOGA includes exercises, practices, and daily habits that carry us vibrationally upstream against the degenerative current to high vitality, deep connection, and immense fulfillment and joy.

As Mr Iyengar said in Light on Yoga, “The purpose of Yoga is to bring light to every cell.”  YOGA Day and YOGA Week will help weave this reality into your cells and your soul.