“Subversive Conversations” : Artful Rants on the True State of the World

“Subversive Conversations” : Artful Rants on the True State of the World

“Subversive Conversations” : Artful Rants on the True State of the World

Who would say it’s WAR right now? 

(Yes i know that’s a strong word!)

Who out there feels that the way “we the people” are treated and taxed and forced to live direly frugal, high pressured lives because the money and power lie in the hands of the 1% …is at all acceptable, logical or life-sustaining?

Isn’t that WAR against your people?

Perhaps history is just one long story of struggle and deceit in the face of megalomania, and of the human spirit’s power to adapt, overcome and survive. 

There have always been power-hungry thieves who brutalized their way to the top, stopping at nothing to eradicate entire species and cultures. Yet NOW is the time in which we are alive, and our own dark oppression under terrorist dictatorships, chemical warfare, and pharmaceutical mayhem is most pressing and real!

If you yourself are not sick and dying of some manmade disease, half the people in your world are…and to live with this Truth is the most agonizing torment to the human soul.

We have been rendered powerless by corporate greed and deceit. We have been conditioned to believe we must bow to a medical system that holds no accountability for the damages done. Our land is becoming a toxic waste site, and government laws are secretly written and passed to protect their own interests…and incomes…and ensure that massive amounts of drugs and pesticides are continually poured into our water table and blown across the planet by monsanto.

Then there’s the chem trails; and even clouds in the sky, and fog, are highly toxic now.

“Yes, please, i’d like a high dose of brain-killing, cancer-causing aluminum, arsenic, cyanide, barium, mercury, lead (and 396 other neurotoxic chemicals) in the air i breathe and the floating coastal fog.”

Then you can sell me drugs for the brain damage and after way too many prescriptions and complications, finish me off.

Oh, and don’t forget to fill our insides with plastics which disrupt our hormones (“xenotoxins”) and kill the fish. And have you seen the photos of children with devastating birth defects in third world countries whose resources have been exploited by corporations for decades, toxic waste ruthlessly dumped into their (formerly) pristine rivers, lakes and streams, even now? You don’t want to…unless you are planning to have kids yourself or know someone who is, in which case we need it to stop NOW.

Simply put, these are just plain BAD life practices.

Unethical and evil actually.

We would all love to believe this destruction occurs only in isolated circumstances, but the word for that blind folly is “denial”.

Everything in existence is part of an interconnected web of life. Your pain is not separate from mine. Stresses weigh heavy and haunt us all. Economic stress threaten everyone…except for the 1% who are monsters in control.

Cyber-radiation from our infinite technology devices; indirect current from the electricity in the wall. These unseen stresses gather fierce degenerative momentum in the body. But with all the noise and stimulation around us and in our heads, we can’t possibly detect these subtle cellular mutations, that build up as toxic inflammation, pain and stiffness, and go on to cause disease.

The stress of things always breaking, and systems and services failing constantly, that would cost us dearly not to track down and repair. Like the back end of a website. Or the storage capacity of your phone. Or the toner cartridge. i mean really, who CAN keep up?

WHY can’t we just live simpler, cleaner lives?

Writing this blog today consumed the time i would have spent on the mat, engaged in Yoga to quiet my insides from all this, and help me calm down.

Still, i’ve been promising a bunch of you that we’d get going with “subversive conversations”, artful rant sessions describing the Truth of how things really are. i anticipate if we are destined, that these conversations can go live, and we may share our Truths freely and kindly, face to face. May my writing serve to awaken, uplift and inspire!

Namaste, compadres!

In Devotion,

Yolanda Pritam Hari

Quantum Evolutionary ™ Healer

& Activist for Truth