Canary in the Coal Mine?

Canary in the Coal Mine?

Canary in the Coal Mine?

Could YOU be a “Highly Sensitive Person”?

Do you feel everything in your environment intensely?

Are you easily overwhelmed by crowds, loud noise, strong smells, time pressure, heavy traffic, and other people’s emotions?

Does the pain and suffering of others feel indistinguishable from your own?

Most of my clients are highly sensitive people; deep empaths, with thin filters between them and the harshness of the world. They suffer greatly, especially when they get too stressed, or become triggered by an accident into PTSD. Highly sensitive nervous systems are like little birds, acutely hyper-aware and poised to explode into flight. Often described as  “nervous”, “anxious”, or “jumpy”, these highly sensitive people, or “HSP’s”, live life wired on high alert.

Apparently, about half the population experiences life this way. Yet most of the time, they feel completely ostracized, overwhelmed and alone. They have to withdraw from excessive talking and socializing, in order to stay balanced themselves. It takes another HSP to understand.

Over the years, i’ve come to recognize and appreciate super-sensitivity as a treatment advantage to my clients. Because i too am an extreme HSP, attuning to vulnerably sensitive clients comes easily, and their profound subtle awareness enables quantum leaps for them, no matter our chosen healing approach. Once we stabilize their nerves, they become resilient and confident to navigate safely out in the world, knowing finally that their deep awareness is a gift.

Highly sensitive people stand as examples of the enormous potential we all have for heightened awareness. Spiritual practices such as Yoga tame and cultivate this inborn spiritual power. Even if new and unfamiliar, subtle awareness can be trained and directed towards inner transformation, and that’s what Quantum Evolutionary Healing (tm) at Quiet Mind is all about. Self-awareness, self-mastery, and subtle internal control… bringing us, part by part, into harmony with ourselves, and into alignment with the cosmic flow.

Whether you are an HSP, or know one, it helps to understand how they think and feel. Here are two excellent youtube talks by highly sensitive people, exposing their weakness and their gifts: