Why is everyone sick?

This is an enormous conversation, which we must begin, if we are to shift the tides in our favor. My 40 years as a professional healer have allowed me infinite opportunities to research this question. Swamped by clients with intractable pain and medical frustration, and others for whom decades of therapies never reached their core issue, why people don’t heal became the burning inquiry of my life. Work has brought me just about every story of calamity, agony, and surrender to endless pharmaceutical prescriptions, surgeries, and high-tech medical treatments…all for naught, and often for the worse. With these very people, i have had great success. Here follow some of my observations and conclusions.

Our culture approaches healing with one foot on the brakes.

Firstly, there’s the plain fact that most people assume healing works on their personal clock: they get around to it eventually only when the pain has overwhelmed their lives. Then, they only want to allot one appointment, a couple hours, or a few short weeks, to unravel problems they’ve suffered for years. THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE. Holistic healing is not symptomatic. It’s systemic. That means your whole body needs to reconfigure itself to integrate Bodywork and Structural Yoga therapies. The longer you’ve been even remotely aware of the problem, the more focus it will require on your part to reverse. Then, the moment you feel a little better is only the beginning of repatterining your structure and physiology; this is not the time to start running again, or resume strength training the in the same ways as the past. This is the time to build your awareness of the subtle changes within, and work more precisely and consciously to deepen those healing grooves.

Secondly, our culture thrives on excess stimulation; it’s never really nighttime any more. Technology operates 24/7, compelling us to do the same, and to tackle way too many tasks and projects all at once, with constant interruptions. This is not only bad for your sanity; it’s lethal to your nervous system. Being “on” all the time is not natural, and drowns your system in cortisol, adrenaline, and other fight-or-flight hormones. Simply put, your nerves dry out and rust, and they don’t work any more. At first you are irritable, then those little nagging pains and anxieties become more chronic. Eventually, your system literally “short-circuits” and you just get sick. Once your immune system breaks down frequently, which includes “allergies” and chronic inflammation, your body is desperately trying to rebalance before it becomes diseased.

Then, most people run to the pharmacy and suppress those messages with drugs, which pushes the problem deeper into their organs, and sends their desperately screaming nervous systems deeper into fight-or-flight.

Here’s where the story takes an alarmingly predictable turn. Because they are frightened, and their body is neurologically in a state of alarm, they do the lemming thing and start running to medical specialists, at which point they become subsumed in a world of chaos, waiting, fear and despair.

All our bodies want is balance, and we have all the circuitry for that within. But we don’t use it. Instead we let outer forces induce chemical and structural mayhem. Holistic healing is the opposite: we apply our own focus and awareness and learn to feel what’s going on inside. From there, we apply that very same awareness to reverse the problem, using natural means. This creates harmony within, turns down the fight-or-flight hormone alarms, and lets your body know it can trust you to care for it. (You might also be leaning on your healer for a short while here.)

THEN, AND ONLY THEN, once we activate and strengthen the other half of the nervous system (parasympathetic / deep relaxation side), can our bodies begin to organically heal themselves. Your body and heart can’t heal in a state of stress. You can’t drive with your feet on the brakes.

In an overstimulated world, we need to RETRAIN relaxation. If you think you don’t have time, then please go back and reread the paragraphs above. The laws of human physiology were not written by me, but by the Creator. What you do with the Truth is up to you. But if you are trying to heal, are always stressed and rushing, and haven’t given the healing half (parasympathetic) of your nerves any attention or time, i urge you to reconsider your body and lifestyle, and imagine the potential effect of not changing. And, i invite you to explore *Quantum Evolutionary Healing ™ with me.

yolanda pritam hari

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