Quantum Evolutionary Healing ™: The Time Is NOW

Quantum Evolutionary Healing ™: The Time Is NOW

Quantum Evolutionary Healing ™: The Time Is NOW



We have fallen into cultural amnesia. We have bought the lies that pharmaceutical medicines are the only resort, next to surgery, that we have. We have grown to expect “degeneration”. We have vowed to deify the man, in the form of physicians so severely restricted in their practices that to maintain their jobs, their caseload can top 3,000 patients. They don’t have time to look up from their computerized paperwork to see you. You’ll get 5-10 minutes at the most, and leave with a prescription for drugs to synthesize physiological balance. Yet at what expense? My friend worked for Kaiser in human development and personnel for 20 years; i have heard what goes on.

When the laws changed and “Obama Care” came in, nobody cared to consider those among us who have not been in the medical system since we were young children – having seen through the farce and deception. Many of us were told there was nothing they could do, and that we should “learn to live with it.” This is unacceptable!

i have never carried health insurance, but now i “must” – or i would be penalized greatly, and exponentially more each passing year. Instead, i have cared for all of my own medical emergencies, from sprains, breaks, and fractures;  rotated vertebrae;  chronic bursitis, a TIA (mini-stroke) and anaphylactic shock. i’m living proof it can be done – naturally, with the power of consciousness and a little self-knowledge. My tools come from three treasure chests: Structural Yoga; Visionary Bodywork; Herbal Medicine & Plant-Based Superfoods. High vitality requires daily nourishment and self-awareness. Every challenge my clients face, i have learned to work with myself over the years.

i’ve also watched the medical system go increasingly more haywire, and desperate to cross-pollinate the universe with lethal drugs. The top causes for premature death in our culture are hospital stays and adverse reactions to prescription drugs. Stress is up there, but hospitals and drugs cause that. Yet people continue to bow and swoon. A healer can give the best assessment (yet NEVER a “diagnosis”, or our license would be revoked!) Most patients endure massive “testing”, hair loss and PTSD waiting for appointments and results, and begin “experimental treatments” (where THEY are the guinea pig who will contribute to “research” to proving these drugs safe!) Then they get a diagnostic validating what (they forget) i told them.

When i was disabled, (insurance) doctors told me to seek a shrink. Enraged, i turned to my Structural Yoga practice, looking to reprogram the neurological damage the cascade of  injuries had caused. i studied Advanced NeuroMuscular and CranioSacral therapies, deep body anatomy, musculoskeletal trauma and closed-head injuries, and became Master Therapist at my own pain clinic, Quiet Mind. Along the way, i developed “Quantum Evolutionary Healing ™, so we can ALL enhance our bodies to heal themselves. This, in fact, if the true purpose of Yoga – to cultivate your highest potential in life! Yoga needs ro be given that honor once again. There is no time to lose.

My business has been a last resort for many clients. It’s a deeply intimate and spiritual thing. It defies marketing language, because to explain it would seem sensationalized. Yet it’s simple. ALL is possible, with divine connection. It’s all one. Simple.

Mainstream marketing makes everything shallow and vanilla white, with bells and whistles attached. Technology feeds the mirage with flashing lights and moving parts. And we are, today, as far away from authenticity and true healing as we could be. But sometimes, far away is also close. With the global health situation so dire, we have no choice but to change our ways, or perish. Quantum Evolution is the biological process enabling an entire species to mutate spontaneously for its survival. Quantum Evolution is exactly what we need now, to survive as a people and a planet. Quantum Evolutionary Healing ™ at Quiet Mind teaches you this. The time is NOW.

Yolanda Pritam Hari

Quiet Mind Healing Sanctuary