Yolanda Pritam Hari is connected to a healing current unique in our times. While we rush busily around, a deep wave exists within us that can heal and renew. It is this subtle, powerful force that Y. Pritam Hari transmits.
After every Quantum Evolutionary Bodywork session, i feel blissful and at peace. With her Heart Centered Therapy, insights and memories flood into my awareness and my dreams, and understanding comes. These effects all last for days, during which i experience the same quiet stillness i have with her.
This is one very advanced healer who cares!

Nirvair Olga Stein, NYC , Kundalini Yoga & Breathing; Author

Yolanda Pritam Hari has hands of magic. She’s a real healer and medicine woman. My Quantum Evolutionary Healing (TM) sessions of Bodywork, Massage, and CranioSacral with her are like no other. She knows exactly where to go, what to do, and how to coax my body to release and deeply relax. When i was stuck in tremendous hip and back pain, her sessions helped me more than my own Yoga practice or other teachers could. She is blessed with the ancient wisdom of he universe, a rare treasure to find.
Y. Pritam Hari has also given me plant based oils and sprays that are so pure, my body loves and devours them.
I could not recommend anyone more highly than her!

Nina Jot Prakash Kaur, CA, Lawyer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, & Mom

i was born with a pelvic distortion that created a lifelong twist and imbalance in the my lower back, hips, legs, and feet. The head injuries i had added chronic neck tension to that. I’ve lived a rugged life farming and homesteading, and rely solely on holistic care to sustain me: Nature, plant medicine, yoga, chiropractic, and expert bodywork. Yolanda’s Bodywork Immersion was miraculous for me. We met monthly for almost a year, and in the 7th session, my hips became level for the first time ever in my life! In fact, my whole body changed during that year. Yolanda’s subtle knowledge of the inner body is incredible, and nobody understands human structure – or how to realign it – like her

MPP, Director Philo School of Herbal Energetics; Bodywork since 2013

Yoga with you has changed my life! You see our bodies and adjust us like nobody else can, and i’ve learned how one tiny shift in my joint position can eliminate pain right away. Feeling my “inner body” open up, and connecting with places deep inside i never knew existed, is exciting beyond words!

 RS, Fort Bragg CA: Yoga Therapy since 2013; Bodywork 2015

Last year I did life-changing bodywork with Yolanda. My recent “anniversary tune-up”  reminded me how deeply penetrating her touch, energy, and words are.

I first contacted Yolanda with concern about possible spinal degeneration and misalignment, and we agreed on a bodywork series to rebalance my spinal curves. After leaving the first session, I was unexpectedly challenged by an angry verbal assault. With strength and clarity from that session, I held my center, terminated that relationship, and felt complete. Also after that session, I began sleeping on my back comfortably for the first time in many years. Yolanda’s bodywork series freed me of anxiety and fear that plagued me nightly since infancy. I’d never said a word about this birth trauma to her, or about being unable to sleep on my back.

In our work together, words and colors came to me, and by the end of our series, many of my back issues resolved, and I felt rested, hopeful, and alive! I deeply crave the richness of our weekly sessions, yet I continue to benefit from the transformative, lasting effects of Yolanda’s healing bodywork.

CM, Mendocino CA: Bodywork since 2013

As a gardener, the richness of Emerald Green oil and salve helps my hands a lot. It also seems good for my joints. Your Brahmi Gold Deep Healing Oil has a more relaxing effect overall. i get a whole-body sense of well being.

JA, Oakland CA: Bodywork & Yoga since 2006

After lifelong difficulty breathing, I’m communicating with my asthma now… and teaching my lungs how to stretch and trust again. Being able to feel the scar tissue melt down and my ribcage open up is the coolest most amazing thing!

RS, Fort Bragg CA: Yoga Therapy since 2013; Bodywork 2015

The tenderizing touch of your being and way of seeing…my melting, hearing you to invite me to melt more…and now the soothing pulse that flows so easily within… Blessings on the unimpeded current of your flow, and for dissolving whatever people bring you to help free.

SW, Berkeley CA: Yoga & Bodywork since 2004

Our work yesterday was powerful! A big release in my right shoulder and at the heart center, with more space to breathe. Last night before bed i massaged my feet with your Brahmi Gold Oil, then dreamed that many people on city street were carrying copies of my new book. Woo-hoo! How auspicious!!

JA, Oakland CA: Bodywork & Yoga since 2006

The way you placed me with my feet against the wall and coached my breathing has made a big difference in my alignment, especially in standing poses. Often now i can feel my breath in the scoliotic curve of my right midback, though not always. More than anything, the deep listening we did together has been very sustaining in my practice and my life.

MR, Oakland CA, author and yogini: Advanced Yoga since 2014

Although i trust Yolanda’s knowledge and advice completely, i was a skeptic about her herbal oils. But after my first time oiling, i woke up with a deep sense of well being. Then i couldn’t take my bottle on the plane. Ten days later, i returned, gave oiling another try, and that sense of well being took hold again. Now i’m an enthusiastic fan of Abhyanga (daily oiling) and a devoted customer of Yolanda’s healing oils and salves. i will add that she earned my trust through the years of care and treatment i received in her Yoga Therapy classes, and private yoga and bodywork sessions. We have also done 2 awesome Healing Immersion Retreats with her up near Mendocino. i was very stiff and had a frozen shoulder when i met her. You would not recognize me now!

JB, Oakland CA: Bodywork & Yoga since 2006

Ever since our first series of bodywork and yoga, i’ve felt better, and i can get myself out of pain. When my neck and shoulders ache, i know just what to do. Besides that, i can’t wait to practice yoga in the morning; it gives me stamina for my day. i’m much more energetic, confident, and inspired to take better care of myself – and to listen to my body and give it what it needs!

JA, Fort Bragg CA: Yoga Bodywork & Plant Medicine 2013 – present

Those “cookie cutter” yoga classes never worked for us. Your classes were always so different. We just love your style; it’s slow, personal, and we get it. With you our bodies change right away! We can’t wait to come to Mendocino for our Personal Transformation Retreat!

MB & GB, sisters, Oakland CA: Yoga since 2005; Bodywork now too

Yolanda is a woman and teacher for our times. Ours are the times of the Great Turning, and Yolanda knows it. Adding her part to the universal flow, she greets each person with recognition for their unique being, meeting them where they are, leading them safely and gently to more of themselves. Under her watchful eyes it is possible to relax fully; in her glowing presence you’re inspired to access your body’s deep awareness; within her soft guidance healing simply occurs.

CH, Fort Bragg CA, Yoga & Bodywork since 2014

I had a serious knee surgery that left a big scar, then recently a bad fall on the other knee – along with 2 shoulder surgeries and 8 concussions in the past. Lately i’ve noticed my legs getting stiffer and stiffer, even though i stretch and work out with a trainer.  My friend knew Yolanda could help me, and set us up to meet. In 15 minutes, Yolanda explained to me how scar tissue can tighten the whole body internally by pulling on my fascia everywhere; then she showed me how to align my knees and shins and release the scar tissue myself. Right away, my legs felt better, and my knees are now more supple than they’ve been in years! i can hardly believe the difference!

PF, Caspar CA: Bodywork & Scar Tissue Release client 2014

I love your passion and authenticity! Nobody else is talking about our potential for Quantum Evolution! We all know the system is broken, but most people just keep taking drugs that are poisoning them because they think it’s their only choice. Thank you for REALLY helping us hear, and answer, our bodies’ cries for help!

RM, Fort Bragg CA: Bodywork & Scar Tissue Release, 2015 ongoing