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Harmony, Alignment, & Flow



Most people contact me by referral…and have been on a healing/spiritual path a long time. They understand how past wounding and traumas block their healing on all levels, and how that energetic is trapped inside their body cells. They find I HAVE A GIFT FOR UNWINDING TRAUMA THROUGH THE PHYSICAL BODY, and as we do this, their bodies and their lives will change. They sense that one Advanced Bodywork or Structural Yoga  session is the beginning, and to go deeper takes time, trust and an integrated approach.

Here’s how i see it:

Our life memories live on in our body tissue, affecting our posture, health, and emotions more than we know. Long forgotten accidents and traumas can be triggered by stress, and overwhelm our nerves. Once physical or emotional pain becomes unbearable, it takes more than just one massage or yoga class to find balance again.

Quantum Evolutionary Healing (TM) at Quiet Mind combines life-changing holistic treatments with breakthrough mentorship, to support your release of toxic energies from the past. You’ll create new alignment inside and out.

  • Unwind trauma directly from your nervous system, organs, and cells.
  • Find the root of the pains, doubts, and fears you’ve tried unsuccessfully to resolve.
  • Create deep alignment, focus, and renewed energy and confidence in your life.

In the healing process, most clients come up against deeply ingrained emotions, and varying degrees of fear, rage, and doubt. This is what has been stored inside all these years. The nervous system is invested in keeping us safe, and it needs time to learn to let go and trust.

When you are feeling discouraged and tempted to quit, I’ll ask you to trust me and the process to pull you through to the other side.

Focus and commitment yield results!

The Quiet Mind Approach

Quiet Mind’s approach is whole body/ whole person. Here, you find a process of inner and outer realignment… physical, emotional, and spiritual reorganization. This is an empowering  process of deep self-awareness and self-healing.

As the body opens, old memories may surface – as mental resistance or physical tension patterns, or even old pains. Our work together becomes more spiritually directed from here.

i am committed to help you break through.

Quiet Mind Healing Programs are based on a series of Immersion Appointments. We work in 2 hour blocks, sometimes longer when your body is stressed and needs more time.

LOCAL RESIDENTS AND VISITORS ON RETREAT, please plan and schedule in advance…

Immersion Appointments (2-3 hours each) soothe and rewire your nervous system. For our bodies to heal, they must switch out of stress into relaxation, in an environment that is unhurried, safe, and calm. Sustaining deep relaxation for an hour or two brings physical regeneration, and reconnects us to our body’s incredible ability to self-repair.

Immersion Appointments and Retreats blend these Advanced Holistic Therapies:

 Subtle Touch Reset – soul-soothing  two hour immersion treatment

based on Advanced CranioSacral Therapy & Integrated Structural Massage.

CranioSacral Therapy – gently calms and refreshes, synchronizing  your  brain waves,  spinal fluids,  nerves  and  lymph.

Structural Yoga Therapy

Ion Cleanse Detox Footbath

Omtara Blessings Deep Healing Daily Herbal Self-Care


LOCAL RESIDENTS (weekly)  and QUANTUM HEALING RETREAT VISITORS (2 1/2 days), continue…


How to Begin

Ready to start healing? Please answer the following questions. They will guide me to understand your needs and how I may serve your highest good.

  1. What shifts do you hope for through a personal healing immersion?
  2. What else have you tried to get there, and how did it work?
  3. What does “feeling better” look like to you?
  4. What will be possible for you then, that seems impossible now?
  5. Are you in therapy? What support systems do you have at home?
  6. Are you on any prescription drugs?
  7. What is your biggest fear?

Please email me when you are ready to make a plan. THEN be sure to download, fill out, and bring this Client Information Form to our first appointment.

We’ll design your custom Series Program (3-8 sessions to start) or Quantum Retreat package (3 days on the Mendocino Coast) for you. You’ll receive hands-on support and self-care tools specific to you, and my help navigating the erratic terrain of deep transformation. Continuity is essential to unwinding the physical and emotional patterns that have kept you stuck.

Contact me to get the support you need!