Events & Workshops

(The Yogic Art of Self-Repair)

modules 1 & 2: Upper /Lower Body

m 1- SAT FEB 24 from 2-6 pm at Oakland Yoga Studio
m 2- SAT MAR 24 from 2-6 pm OYS

Imagine asana as a treasure hunt through your inner body, connecting you to subtle, specific new movement patterns that teach your whole body how to let go. Envision perceiving and adjusting your own misalignments from within. Gain confidence in complete healing (which is actually built into our DNA, and sucked out by the AMA). STRUCTURE MATTERS (TM) modules empower self-transformation, and can be taken in any order. This program series is revolutionary in its approach, and each module is complete unto itself. Excellent for students and Yoga teachers alike! These two modules include anatomy and neurobiology made FUN and REAL, and a soft, specific Yoga Asana practice.

This is a self-healing immersion, not a typical “workshop” or “class”. You learn anatomy experientially, and immediately improve your own posture, stiffness, and pain. PLUS, you modulate your nervous system and its yogic counterpart, the sushumna, or main chakra channel.

$75 pre-registered and pre-paid; $90 at door. (PayPal link below)
You may also pre-pay by check to Y Vazquez, 350 N Civic Dr #505, Walnut Creek CA 94596

STRUCTURE MATTERS Monthly Group meets these Fridays: Feb 16; Mar 16; Apr 13 from 3:30-5:30 at Oakland Yoga Studio. If you are new to this work, please contact me first to confirm whether it’s a fit. Regular clients please RSVP as you usually do.


Pay for your workshop in advance and save!

Workshops are $75 for pre-registered attendees, $90 at the door.