Yolanda Pritam Hari is a Board Certified Bodyworker, Structural Yoga Therapist, and Certified Herbalist. Her passion is Quantum Medicine and Structural Rehabilitation.

“As a culture, we have completely forgotten our God-given human potential, which includes the innate ability to self-regenerate and self-restore. SoulWork Through The Body (™) at Quiet Mind reawakens that possibility, knowledge and power.”                        – y pritam hari

Quantum Evolutionary Pathways (™) is Yolanda’s integrated method of conscious self-repair.  Her STRUCTURE MATTERS workshop series distills 40 years of Yoga Therapy, Anatomy, and Bodywork training into a mind expanding experience in self-healing through Yoga. Breakthrough Bodywork sessions combine Neuro-Muscular, Cranio-Sacral, & Brain-Lymph Therapies, addressing the postural, emotional, and neurological levels.  Y Pritam Hari sees private clients in Albany and Walnut Creek, and speaks and teaches in the Bay Area. She also makes plant medicines, and teaches botanical self-care and herbal first aid.

headshotAlignment has many dimensions beyond musculoskeletal and neuro-muscular reconditioning. Quantum Evolutionary Pathways (TM) touches all of these: physical, emotional, spiritual, and bioenergetic. Our past is buried in our bodies, and the very instant we release these stories from our body tissues, positive shifts occur in pain, posture, and emotions. We are empowered by new resilience and self-sufficiency.

Yolanda Pritam Hari experienced Yoga spontaneously as a child, and has practiced and taught for most of her life. Y Pritam Hari was in her 20’s when she finally met her (long-awaited) first Yoga teachers, began several long years of Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training and Certification, and meanwhile studied Neuromuscular Therapy, Rolfing, anatomy, physiology, trauma, and chronic pain. Now Board Certified, in 1992, she was among the first to be Nationally Certified in Bodywork, and Quiet Mind Healing (™) grew quickly into the place for ending pain, through Yolanda’s uniquely advanced holistic therapies and consistent support.

Later in the 90’s, while researching why people don’t heal, Yolanda found the Upledger Foundation and its extensive CranioSacral Therapy curriculum. For 15 years, she studied CranioSacral and Brain-Lymph Therapies, served as Teaching Assistant and Support Therapist at client-centered intensives, and began working directly with the nervous system and the brain – which she considers direct access points to living consciousness pulsing in our human spines. In a visionary flash, she saw and felt the holographic interconnection of the CranioSacral system, Nervous system (brain and spinal cord), Endocrine system (glands, hormones) and Chakras (our electro-magnetic bio-circuitry). Restoring balance to these waves of fluid in the spine affects our evolution as well as our health.

Yoga as a practice and lifestyle; alignment based Bodywork with sacred precision; the study of subtle anatomy; deep reverence for the plants; and a gift for unwinding trauma from the body and biofield…these are the tools that feed Yolanda’s mission and life’s work.

Yolanda Pritam Hari sees private clients by appointment in Albany and Walnut Creek; leads STRUCTURE MATTERS Yoga Groups; and gives inspiring talks and workshops in the Bay Area. She masterfully unites the science of pain with the evolutionary art of self-repair, using only Nature, and the wisdom of the plants. To thrive, we must be in relationship with all of life.

Yolanda Pritam Hari, NBCTMB, SYT, QEH

Quantum Evolutionary Pathways (™)

the art and science of self-repair

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