Quantum Approach

hands encircling grass in the shape of a heart

Quantum Evolutionary Pathways

revitalizes your whole being

with a focused, integrated approach.

Yolanda brings you highly effective holistic therapies,
decades of experience, and dedicated personal support.

Visionary Bodywork • Structural Yoga Therapy • Plant Medicine

Quiet Mind’s approach is whole body/whole person. Here, you’ll find an empowering  process … of inner and outer realignment… physical, emotional, and spiritual reorganization… deep self-awareness and self-healing.

We start with the body because you can see and feel the results right away. As the body opens, old memories may surface – as mental resistance or physical tension patterns. This is your old ego fighting to keep you who you were. Our work together becomes more spiritually directed from here. i am committed to help you break through.

Quiet Mind Healing Programs are based on a series of Immersion Appointments. We work in 2 hour blocks, sometimes longer when your body is stressed and needs more time.

Soul Work through The Body