Quantum Approach

hands encircling grass in the shape of a heart

Quantum Evolutionary Healing (TM)

revitalizes your whole being

with a focused, integrated approach.

Yolanda brings you highly effective holistic therapies,
decades of experience, and dedicated personal support.

Subtle Touch Reset – Immersion Treatment

A nurturing, restful “overhaul” to hasten regeneration from fatigue, illness, injury, trauma, and pain;
This two hour session blends Advanced CranioSacral and Brain-Lymph Therapies with Integrated Structural Massage.

CranioSacral Therapy

Cranio Sacral Therapy gently addresses the root cause of painful symptoms,

at the level of the brain and spine.
CST also relieves and reverses head trauma caused by injuries like concussions, whiplash, and hard falls.

Structural Yoga Therapy

Structural Yoga Therapy restores movement to tendons and joints; improves posture, emotions and breathing, and gives you

ready access to your body’s self-healing power.
You’ll learn to create balance with precise focus in Yoga asanas, and care confidently for yourself when stiffness, discomfort and injury occur.

Ion Cleanse Detoxifying Foot Bath

Ion Cleanse Detoxifying Foot Baths release toxic chemicals and medications from your body;
alkalinize blood pH; boost immunity; and support candida cleanses.

ion cleanse foot bath

Omtara Blessings Healing Herbal Self-Care

Nourishing Oils and Salves; Space-Enhancing Magic Mysts
Hand made in small batches, with love, for clients and friends.
Our health and survival depend on us restoring relationship with the natural world.
Trust the Spirit of the Plants. ALL your medicines are there.

Quiet Mind’s approach is whole body/ whole person. Here, you’ll find an empowering  process … of inner and outer realignment… physical, emotional, and spiritual reorganization… deep self-awareness and self-healing.

We start with the body because you can see and feel the results right away. As the body opens, old memories may surface – as mental resistance or physical tension patterns. This is your old ego fighting to keep you who you were. Our work together becomes more spiritually directed from here. i am committed to help you break through.

Quiet Mind Healing Programs are based on a series of Immersion Appointments. We work in 2 hour blocks, sometimes longer when your body is stressed and needs more time.

LOCAL RESIDENTS AND VISITORS ON RETREAT, please plan and schedule in advance…

Soul Work through The Body