EARTH DAY every day

EARTH DAY every day

EARTH DAY every day

Earth Day’s coming.

Why not celebrate all month?

Let’s become janitors of the wilds wherever we go, ready with bags on hand.

Let’s remember with gratitude that our parks and campgrounds have dumpsters and trash cans all around.

Heck, let’s even keep trash bags in the car. 

i used to get nauseous driving on Rt 20 and Rt 128, not so much from the long winding curves, but from the piles of trash strewn all along the roads, everywhere there was a pull-off, in the ditches, down the steep ravines. It’s somewhat the same on coastal trails much of the time. 

So i bring my friends along, a family of orphan juvenile sharks. In fact, they’re my front-seat agents on patrol. i have to watch the road…  

TrashSharks are starvin’ for garbage.

They would never hurt a soul!

Truth be told, there’s everything to love, and nothing to fear, with these sharks. Their teeth are made for trash.








And they carry it for me, all the way back to the car, to pile up and divide at the dumpster, for a deep dive and long meal.

At times, we’ve even gotten a bag or two from forest service volunteers out cleaning restrooms on the cliffs. We have no illusions that it’s “somebody else’s job to pick all that up”, and no expectation that “somebody else will pick it up” .

It’s ugly and doesn’t belong there, and besides, my friends have to eat, so that’s enough incentive for me.

Bagging trash is a small loving service we can offer the Earth,

She who shelters and nourishes us.


…as the old song goes. “All i’m asking for is a little respect, just a little bit…”  Anyone remember the song?

For Nature is the ultimate source of all life.

Earth Day’s coming. Why not celebrate all month?


How and when did i start doing this? Long ago!

When i was 8 years old, i won a writing contest for an article urging others not to drop trash, and to care enough to discard their tissues and gum wrappers properly, not casually on the ground in the halls and the yard. i had long forgotten about that article, until realizing slowly over these last few years, that this cleanup habit is seriously important to me! “Ugly Garbage Sadhana” , i call it. i’ve practiced Yoga all my life, and learned a few Indian words. “Sadhana”  is the Sanskrit word for spiritual practice, which comes to us in myriad forms. We go for it because our hearts say so…and it challenges, confronts, and stretches us in some way. “Seva” is another Sanskrit word, denoting loving service we bring forth. i began ongoing Ugly Garbage Sadhana as Seva when i could no longer bear the writhing tears of Mother Earth under my feet from the sheer weight of our abuse. i could feel her trembling, wanting me to know.

You might say i am hyper-sensitive to anything in Nature being hurt or injured by careless, selfish ways.

In fact, i feel it in my own body as gnawing irritation, discomfort, and pain. Many people do.

So let’s protect, and respect. Let’s teach by example. Here we go!


Yolanda Pritam Hari