These last few months and years, my life has been filled with escalating medical traumas and tidal waves of PTSD. When bad things happen, our bodies bury them deep inside. Deep enough that we can carry on our daily life, without revealing the obvious instability these traumas cause. So deep, down however, that most of us never realize the well of grief, anger, and shame that lives within…until the dam breaks. WE have become a culture so skilled in masking symptoms (pharmaceutical drugs are the second largest industry on the planet today!) and “keeping a stiff upper lip”, that it has completely stripped our humanness away. Then we try endlessly to use drugs and surgery to make it go away. Simply put, this approach and worldview are doomed to fail.

Ancient cultures knew how to grieve; how to move difficult energies and emotions through, that they might return to the interdependent connectedness that is the web of all life. We have lost that connection completely. We now live in isolation, hopelessness, and pain. That is why we are sick.

PTSD, like every “diagnosis”, has become a buzzword today.
People are simply bursting with their unresolved stress, lifelong wounding, struggle, and pain. Perhaps one day i’ll meet someone who really HAD a “happy childhood”; who really overcame the fearful survival patterning implanted in their genes, and found the pure joy of being their authentic self; who really “has it all together”; who actually experiences life as a wondrous flow. Oops, i think i may possibly know one.

But as of now, this reality is just my dream. Though i’ve come close numerous times, i have not yet given up hope. There have been many harsh tests for me these last few years. My voice is growing louder for this conversation we are all afraid to have. We cannot solve our problems by perpetuating them, so let me set the record straight.

PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is strongly rooted in our unresolved grief an pain. Yet people are terrified of unveiling this domain, and even more terrified and certain that once they do it will never end. But each of us is a part of the whole…and if we self-isolate from the shame of our emotions, we become self-replicating diseased cells – like cancer and autoimmune disease. They grow and spread, killing our bodies and our souls. It will take enormous courage, but we must stop; stop running to specialists for every little thing, and rebuild within ourselves the tapestry of wholeness to which we were born. We must reconnect with our bodies and the natural world, and get to know ourselves again.

Supporting and assisting this true healing process has been the focus of my life. “Process” implies continuity and connection. i am not talking about going to some yoga class in the gym, or having one massage. These are essential maintenance tools, unless you’ve already had the support of spiritual connection in your life to have done the inner work. Our ”single session” approach to healing deep-seated wounds asks no accountability and offers little personal support. You are welcome to hide in the crowd and follow along, while never accessing the switch inside that could open your life back up. More urgently, you are choosing self-isolation in order to conceal your pain – and that huge effort, grief and pain are cancerous health hazards in and of themselves.

If you have invested time and energy in the compassionate support of highly trained healers, whether as student or client, you may now find you feel besieged by global tidal waves of PTSD, as i do… and that the presence of your inner practice has put you in some sort of healing role. But if you are, like so many others, fighting to hold it all down and getting sicker and sadder all the time, this message os especially for you.

Healers and light workers on the planet are filters for the tumultuous agony of Mother Earth, and the hardest part of our life path is learning to field and process all that pain. We are the ultimate empaths, unwilling canaries in this toxic coal mine of our times. You feel the magic in our hands and infinite love in our hearts because we must learn to make lemonade of the ugliest lemons, to transform the pain of the world one person at a time.

PTSD is not something you resolve in one massage. Besides, you may not even realize that the field of Bodywork has gone way beyond musculoskeletal massage. Bodywork is a very mystical, spiritual thing, capable of releasing miracles through the physical structure of our nerves and cells, and unwinding trauma through complex fascial layers and generations of pain. We healers devote our lives to this act. That devotion is a demanding lifelong full-time unpaid job.

i am a Quantum Evolutionary Healer, not a yoga teacher or a masseuse. i hold the bigger picture in my heart and in my plan. Biology defines
Quantum Evolution as the radical mutation of a whole species over one generation’s time, in order to survive. This is our chance. This is our time. Step up and “Be the change you wish to see”, as Gandhi said. Find a real healer who can help your vitality and passion reemerge. Make the commitment to this inner work. With the right support, it does not take forever to immeasurably lighten your load – which is lodged in the consciousness of your body’s every cell. But it will take trust and risking vulnerability to build this new relationship with your body and yourself.

Dare to step out of your hiding, and become yourself!
Life is counting on you.

Yolanda Pritam Hari is a Quantum Evolutionary Healer and activist for the interconnectedness of all things. A Master Bodyworker, Structural Yoga Therapist, and Herbal Medicine Woman, her combined approach ignites potent life force, unwinding life’s layers of physical and emotional trauma, and reawakening wholeness within.

Yolanda opened Quiet Mind Healing in 1988, specializing in Structural Yoga and Bodywork for chronic pain. Advanced CranioSacral Therapy training took her deeper into trauma work and the nervous system, which is a large part of her success today. She has practiced Yoga now for 45 years. Clients speak of her profound structural knowledge, gifted hands and soulful heart.

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