“Energies cultivated over a lifetime by practiced yogis can be awakened and transmitted through highly refined bodywork today. Yoga then serves to optimize our quiet inner strength, evolution and self-healing power.”

Little does our population realize how far beyond “massage” that bodywork has come in this century alone. In fact, most people have no idea that scar tissue can be unwound, that surgeries can be avoided, or that every organ system can be reprogrammed gently using highly trained, specific, and compassionate hands-on means.

Healing work has been my professional vocation now for close to 40 years. i could never tolerate seeing someone sick or angry or hurt. It hit me deep inside as if it were all my own. Without words, i understood early in my childhood that i would spend my life helping others to dissolve their pain.

Seeing the illusion of “higher education”, the empty promise, the enormous expense, the dry barren path, i left early on, to pursue the Soul’s call. 

Schools of Advanced Bodywork are like the “Mystery Schools” of today.

i can say that with absolute certainty, because for 30 years my life has been immersed in study and travel with three international healing institutes*. This one single experience has been nothing less than enlightening all along.

i have always reached out to touch others automatically, with some sense of untangling and reconnecting broken threads and wires…and right away i’d feel a light go on, and breath return. This came very naturally to me, and i might have disregarded it, but in my 20’s, friends pressed me to look into Shiatsu (Acupressure) School. i’d never heard of any such thing before. It was a perfect fit, and launching pad for my life’s passion.

We all possess the potential for this gift of touch. Most of us can feel it, but few among us will choose to use or train that gift. More than ever, “modern” times threaten the survival of that most precious gift of reverent, sacred touch. It is given no purpose or relevance in a digitalized world.

For the first 20 years, my healing business flew along on its own, as the tide was rising for people to learn how to heal themselves. In the 90’s, clients sought me as a last resort when all else had failed them for years: surgeries, drugs, supplements, physical therapy, psychotherapy, and they were only getting worse. Relentless pain can eventually drive you insane, you know…

My pain clinic was a potent learning experience for me. Tracking client success, i began to notice the temperament of real healing from behind the scenes. My clients were always willing to do whatever it took, and came faithfully every week until we were done. They did their Structural Yoga Therapy at home. Then at some point in treatment, usually early on, old emotions and traumas underlying their years of pain would just burst through. And our trajectory together became more serious, intense and profound. More spiritual, more psychological. That was Quiet Mind’s next 10 years.

In the years since then, i’ve seen people become increasingly more fearful, mistrusting, panicky, and ill. At the same time, i watch the medical system swallow them up, one by one by one. People no longer stop to even imagine they may be able to handle their bodies and emotions themselves. They just run anxiously from specialist to specialist, creating more stress and fear for themselves, more frustration, more disappointment, more pain. i see the writing on the wall, and yet i alone cannot redirect the tide.

i believe in, and facilitate, regeneration instead of degeneration. Having practiced Yoga seriously for 45 years, and carried thousands of students and clients through profound physical reorganization and emotional release, the world i live in is a very magical place. Resonance and spiritual connection are at the core of healing, and form the tapestry of a vibrant body and happy life. In that environment, our intuition and our healing powers thrive, and we get to glimpse and live our true greatness. Energies cultivated over a lifetime by practiced yogis can be awakened and transmitted through highly refined bodywork today. Yoga then serves to optimize our quiet inner strength, evolution and self-healing power.

We really do hold our life story in our cells, and that can keep us stuck. At Quiet Mind, we clear old trauma and rewire the body’s healthy alignment and energy flow, using a combined, integrated approach. i call this Quantum Evolutionary Healing (tm), because it is a rapid (quantum) process once the client gets focused, and their body feels safe to trust and receive.

Yogis are the eternal children. Their practices keep their bodies literally years younger than their chronological age. It’s a simple fact. Yoga is the medicine of reconnecting ourselves with Nature’s laws. But that story is for another time…

yolanda pritam hari


Yolanda is a Quantum Evolutionary Healer and activist for the interconnectedness of all things. Her combined holistic approach ignites life force, unwinding life’s layers of physical and emotional trauma, and reawakening clarity and wholeness within.